Thursday, July 17, 2014

Organization and My Stamp Cleaner Recipe

No card this morning... today I am working on organizing a little bit in my stamp room.  I've been going through my crafting supplies and weeding out things I haven't used in years and probably won't use, rearranging my stamp sets so that I can find them more easily, and generally tidying up.  I have put in a couple extra shelves into my IKEA bookcases so I can have shelves that are just the right height for my stamp sets, thus maximizing my space:

See on the left there, how the shelves are snug together and there isn't any wasted space between the rows?  I have sets on the bottom shelf in the blue bins that I need to put into cases and file up there too.  I'm planning to organize them alphabetically and by company, within categories like "Holiday," "Birthday," and "All-Occasion."  Punches are stored in the CD tower in the corner there, and I have lots of miscellaneous art supplies (paints, mediums, coloring tools, sprays) and ready-to-send cards that I will put on the right-hand shelves.  And I finally got around to tying ribbon on the handles of my ribbon baskets so I can remember what colors are in there without having to take them down:

Left to right it goes:

I find that I like my ribbons stashed in those baskets way up high, because then no one can see the tangled mess that each one holds, ha ha!  It looks deceitfully neat and tidy.  The baskets were from Target and the bookshelves are from IKEA, and they fit perfectly together, three baskets on each.  I love it when that happens!

Then, I need to tackle my stamping table:

This is my happy place!  It makes me feel good just to look at a photo of it, ha ha!  It's actually pretty tidy, but there are all sorts of things shoved into the wide turquoise file holder in the center, and I want to reorganize my ink caddies a little better.  I am a ROYGBIV kind of girl and things have gotten a little out of order the past few months.  I have mostly SU inks on the left and distress inks on the right, with some others mixed in.  In the blue drawers I keep markers and sponge wedges (three drawers for each, grouped by warm colors, cool colors and neutrals), clear acrylic blocks, adhesives, tiny punches, SU ink spots, etc.  In the hairspray bottle I have a homemade stamp cleaner spray that I mixed up from a recipe I found online, and it works GREAT!  Here it is:

4 Tbsp pure glycerin (in the hair care aisle or on Amazon)
2 c distilled water
2 tsp baby wash

Mix and store in a spray bottle or other container until ready to use.  Makes about 2 cups. 

The baby wash is a very gentle but effective cleaner, without any harsh detergents or alcohols that would dry out the rubber on the stamps.  The distilled water has no minerals to build up on the stamps over time, and the glycerin helps condition the rubber and keep it soft and pliable.  Plus it's WAY cheaper than store-bought stamp cleaning spray and there are no toxic fumes to breathe.  I just use it with my Stampin' Scrub the way I would use SU's Stampin' Mist.  I LOVE IT.

So that's what I'll be doing today (and maybe tomorrow)!  Hope you're having a great Thursday - take care!

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