Monday, March 23, 2015

Technique: Text Inside an Image

Hey everyone!  I am so pumped that this worked.  I have been wanting to try creating a shadow made from text for a while, and I really like how this turned out!!  I did a different card with a similar idea quite a while ago, but it used a solid stamp and the kissing technique (see below):

I'll tell you how I did the text on both of the cards, because they are both very interesting and both different. 

For the first card, I stamped the bird from the new "An Open Heart" stamp set onto a piece of Very Vanilla cardstock, making sure to leave room underneath it for the shadow.  Then I stamped the bird again on a piece of vellum and carefully cut it out.  I used the piece of vellum that was left after I cut the bird out (not the bird itself).  I flipped that piece upside down onto the cardstock to mask off a mirror-image of the bird underneath the stamped image.  Using a sponge wedge, I sponged Baked Brown sugar lightly into the bird shape.  Then I inked up the Dictionary Stamp with Baked Brown Sugar and stamped it down over the open space (I masked off any exposed cardstock with post it notes just in case, so that the Dictionary stamp would only transfer to the open bird space).  Voila!  I added a bit of shadowing under the bird's feet to ground him and that was it!

For the second card,  I used the Inspired by Nature stamp set, which has solid image flowers in it.  Solid images are perfect for the kissing technique.  To do this, I inked up the Dictionary stamp with Soft Suede ink and pressed it directly onto the flower stamp.  This is called "kissing" the two stamps together.  The inked letters from the Dictionary stamp transferred onto the solid flowers.  To make the edges show up better, I also dabbed more ink around the edges of the image with a sponge wedge.  Then I breathed onto it to remoisten the ink and stamped the flowers onto the cardstock.  A little sponging around the edges with Pear Pizazz and Soft Suede gives the panel an antiqued, botanical look, I think.

I hope I explained the process for these two cards clearly enough; if you have questions, let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this card, Naomi, and that technique is so cool!

  2. Thank you for explaining this amazing technique. So very clever are you! Your cards are beautiful.


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